Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth
Psalms 73:25
God's love to the entire world
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  I was born in Santiago of Cuba, a city located in the South coast of the biggest island in the Caribbean. From my childhood I loved to watch the ships to appear and to disappear in the horizon, and I always dreamed of discovering the world beyond that distant line. But it appears to be an impossible dream at that time.

  I lived my childhood with my grandparents in a small country town surrounded by poets, musicians and very genuine people. At the age of 8 I learned the first guitar chords, but I quit the lessons, discouraged by the indifference of my teacher. At 15 years old I retook the 6 strings and rode my bicycle out of town to see a farmer boy who taught me how to play the first song ("Que será"). Soon after I composed my own tune, and since then the guitar became an inseparable friend. On her frets I unloaded the pains and joys of my adolescence.

  I was raised and deeply educated in atheism. At that time I was completely convinced of the theory of the evolution and there was no other choice for me. In 1990 I traveled to Russia to study shipbuilding engineering. I was 18 when I recorded for the first time in the radio, with a Russian band called "Rio". I visited several countries of Europe and Scandinavia. I was able to see the world from a different perspective, but the adventure of traveling, or the power science, nor the pleasures of this world, nor did my beloved music brought the happiness and the peace that my soul longed for.

  In 1992 I arrived at Canada looking for the freedom and the reason of my existence. I did not put brakes to the desires of my heart and I dedicated myself to live my childhood’s dreams. But the more I tried the more I found my life empty and meaningless.

  In 1997, while reading a bible in my apartment, the janitor of the building knocked at my door and asked me if I believed in God. Then he tried to show me in the bible that Jesus was God, but I was skeptical and did not pay attention to him, and was eager to see him leave. Then he returned the next day very enthusiastic and he invited me to his church. I accepted the invitation thinking that he would leave me alone after that. I don't recall anything from my first visit to this church but that it was a peaceful experience. I returned a second time with no resistance whatsoever and then something happened inside me, I had this sudden urge to find out the truth about God. I wend back home and opened the bible and kept reading it for many days without stop, until I found the answer in John 14:06 where Jesus says: "I am the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the father but through me". Then I knew the search was over: "The truth is Jesus!" Shortly after, on a Friday evening I made the most powerful prayer of my life: "God I don't know you, have mercy on me, reveal yourself to me, I want to know you". Then a powerful torrent as of many waters came upon me and all of my being was shaken and I cried like a new born baby, and in a matter of seconds I saw pass my whole life in front of my eyes like a film. I understood then that God knew me from my birth. Soon after I heard a delicate and peaceful voice that said to me "I am Jesus and I want that you love to me". From that day my life was changed forever, it was February the 14th 1997 when I met Jesus. Yes, Jesus lives and is possible to know him personally. In him I found the true love and the eternal life and the peace that so much my soul longed for.
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